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How to Use Backlinks to Rank Your Website Higher

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How to Use Backlinks to Rank Your Website Higher

Backlinks to Your Website

Getting relevant traffic is not easy, having a good looking website is not good enough, if you put things into perspective, there are around 2 million blog posts that are written every day, now that’s enough to fill the Time magazine for 770 years. So how do you compete?

Well search engines are the most powerful tools when it comes to getting relevant traffic. Most of the time around 80% of the traffic comes from those. The higher you rank on the search engine, the more chance you have of someone clicking on your website. Therefore putting some efforts getting a higher position is worth it. But how do you rank higher?

How to Use Backlinks to Rank Your Website Higher

How to Use Backlinks to Rank Your Website Higher

Well there are two main approaches that have proven to wok extremely well – on page and off page optimization. By successfully utilizing them both you will soar above the competition.

On page optimization

On page optimization is one of the very first steps of SEO which every webmaster should look in to. It doesn’t take a long time to learn and implement some of the on-page optimization techniques. If you can do a good job you can not only rank well in the search engines but also can increase the overall readability of the website for your visitors.

On Page Optimization includes techniques, such as modifying Title and Meta tags as well as adding relevant keywords to the website’s content. The impact of these techniques is roughly 25%. The rest 75% go to off page optimization and that is where we are going to focus on in this tutorial.

Off page optimization

Off-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. Examples of off-page optimization include things such as link popularity and page rank. The most crucial aspect of off site optimization are the so called backlinks.

Backlinks are in short links from other pages to your website. They hold a great importance because search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as factors for determining that websites search engine ranking, popularity and importance

Quality Link Building

The process of obtaining backlinks from other websites is called link building. Quality beats quantity here. Getting ten relevant back-links is far better, than one hundred low quality backlinks.

Therefore writing more informative and in-depth content will help you build more quality backlinks as others cant resist linking to good content especially articles suck as top 100 lists which tend to have a long shelf life.

Backlinks from Blogs

Search engines give the highest importance to backlinks from popular blogs. Getting others to link to you is a bit tricky unless you know them personally and ask for a backlink as a favor. The way I build backlinks is by guest blogging on other websites. All I do is drop the administrators an email and if they approve, I send them my guest articles.

When I write a guest article I always include 2 or 3 links back to my website. He best way to link is by putting your sites url into a specific keyword which you want to rank high for. Like If you sell bikes then you would want to link from the word “quality bikes’ or something like that.

I would not recommend linking your website from a ‘click here’ to visit my website as you generally don’t want to rank for ‘click here’ on Google do you? Choose your backlink keywords wisely.

There are hundreds of blogs in existence that allow guest articles. Sites like Ezine Articles have hight priority so getting an article published there with some relevant links back to your site is highly recommended.

A more simple way to build backlinks is by commenting on popular blogs and either leaving a link or linking your name to your website. But make sure that your comments are valuable as this is a method by which a lot of people spam. Also make sure that your chosen blog is a dofollow one, as otherwise the search engines when calculating page rank won’t use these links.

Links from Directories

Linking from Directories is a very popular technique for getting backlinks to your site. That method is very simple – Google search on directories, find a ‘submit site’ or ‘submit a link’ button, then fill in few lines of information about the site as required and that’s all there is to it.

Be careful not to over do it as generating dozens of backlinks in a short period of time might get you into trouble with the search engines. I would recommend adding 3-4 backlinks a day, this is good amount and will not cause any problems with the search engines.

Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites

Getting Page Rank links from Social Bookmarking sites has strangely enough always been underrated. However it’s full of potential and is probably the easiest and cost effective way of building backlinks. You should first start with the more popular bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Stumbleupon and Pinterest.

After registering you need to start being social and by that I mean commenting, shearing, liking suggesting and not just your stuff but others as well. Remember your there to build quality relationships with other users.  That is sure to raise your authority and give you even higher exposure.

Those are the top 3 methods for getting quality backlinks and traffic. If you use these tips and put in some time and effort , I guarantee that you can start growing your traffic within weeks.